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Design Process

Below is the design and development process. Your project may not require all phases.
Each phase is approved by you and settled before moving on to the next.

Phase 1: Discovery

This first phase might be the most important of the whole project. This is where my clients and I make sure we are on the same page with scope, expectations, and design direction. It is here that I have clients send over a deposit and project assets (images, text,etc.), and then I do research on the company, industry, and competitors. This is also where I and the client have our "Project Kick-off call" to meet any necessary team members and get started!

Phase 2: Wireframes

Wireframes are the "blue print" of your website or app. Before any design is applied, it is important to have a solid and thoughtful content layout without colors or styles to distract. At the end of the day, the content "flow" of the website/application is vital to a great user experience, as well as to implementing your personal website goals.

*If you already have wireframes, we can skip this phase.

Phase 3: Style Guide

After we establish the foundation of the site through the Wireframes, now we'll play with the style components. Here, we'll develop color schemes, fonts, and other styling elements like buttons, links, and so much more. The deliverable for this phase is an official "Style Guide" PDF for you to own and use throughout your other company materials for brand consistency, if you like. View a sample Style Guide here to get a better idea of what you'll recieve.

*If you already have a Style Guide, we can skip this phase.

Phase 4: Mockups

This is where we combine the wireframes and Style Guide to flesh out the design. The mockups will look like the real website, with images and styles applied; as well as slight interactivity to get a sense of the website flow.

Phase 5: Development

Development is where everything comes together to make a live, interactive, engaging website. Buttons work, links click through, forms send data, and your back end is set up. This is also where your website will be adjusted for tablet and mobile devices, as well as tested on all modern browsers like Google Chrome, Safari and more. You will be able to view the finished product on our staging servers. Moving the website to your ownership is completed in the next and last phase.

Phase 6: Migration

We don't host or maintains website on our end, to ensure that our clients hold full ownership over their website files and content. So at this last phase, we migrate everything over to your servers, test, and then celebrate your new, live website! If you need advice on where to sign up for website hosting, we definitely have recommendations.

*Some clients prefer to migrate the websites themselves, that is completely fine. We'll just hand over all the files!