"Michele was extremely easy to work with and very good at asking the right questions to make sure she understood exactly what I was looking for. Most importantly she was receptive to feedback and paid attention to the small details. She communicated with me along the way so nothing was a surprise as well asked questions if she was unsure. I look forward to working with her in the future."

Lisa Randall


"We couldn't be more impressed with Michele's work in creating our website EstroHaze.com. Not only did the site turn out beautifully, but her technical support, fluid communication, willingness to help, and overall pleasant engagement has gone unmatched. We couldn't offer a higher recommendation. Michele, thank you again, again, and again."

EstroHaze Team

Online Publisher

"Michele was a godsend! I was so overwhelmed with building my website, figuring out my brand, everything! But she made it so easy and even fun! I was so happy with how my website turned out. If I had a concern she addressed it immediately. Michele was so easy to work with, quick, and made this whole process very enjoyable! Thank you Michele!"

Jenna Davi

Yoga Instructor

"Launching e-commerce for my fashion line seemed like a long procedure. Michele really made this process simple and time efficient. She took the time to learn about my brand and understand what I wanted for my customers. We were able to test the site as well as preview new changes along the way. I highly recommend Michele for any type of web design."

Shahista Lalani

Fashion Designer

"I knew I needed to create a website. The problem was, I had no idea where to even begin. Working with Michele was a great experience. She made an experience that could seem very hectic and chaotic into a fun and creative one. The process of creating a website to fit my needs was smooth and quick. Michele knew exactly what I needed and she delivered!"

Eduardo Covarrubias


"I was looking for a fresh and new look for my business website. Michele made it so simple always responding in a timely manner to any questions I had. She took the time needed to understand what my business model was about.Once the site was up the instructions for maintaining my website were clear and easy to understand. My new site is so much faster and easier to work with than my old site. Thank you for making this transition so easy! I absolutely recommend Michele to anyone who is looking for a professional website."

Colleen Juarez

Fitness for Cambria

"I would definitely recommend Michele. She has a great amount of patience as my project goals changed and she was easily and able to adapt to such. She has great and timely communication and was also able to schedule telephone consults. More importantly, she took into consideration that I am not good with technology and she was able to simplify action steps for me and provide me with video tutorial."

Michael Kaye

The Center for Functional Health

"I’ve worked with Michele on several different projects over the years. She is always reliable and a great personality to work with. A shrewd professional and experienced artist, she was able to make my site pop aesthetically while increasing its functionality for my business. She turned my website into a sleek, smart, and simple platform for my career."

Michael Minto


"In my line of work, I don’t have time to hand hold or wait for long turn around times. Michele is incredibly easy to collaborate with and was always fully present. We will definitely be working together more in the future!"

Zack Bennett


"She was amazing. Form the beginning she understood what I wanted and what kind of style I was looking for. During the creative process she asked me for feedbacks and was very receptive to all my comments and expectations. Working with Michele was not only very professional, but also very nice, as she is a very kind person. I will definitely continue to work with her for the next steps of my website and I highly recommend her to anyone."

Ana Paula


"Michele was terrific to work with. She knew more than I did about what I was looking for! It's the exact experience I was looking for in a web designer: Someone who could intuit what needed to be done, and took care of business. She was responsive, courteous and, best of all, did great work! I was extremely satisfied with the project."

Jake Wagman


"Finding great people to work with is hard... My web designer quit my team 1 DAY before our app launch and we scrambled to find someone new. I truly got lucky finding Michele.. She completely understood my vision and I couldn't be happier with the work she's done for my team and I. Michele will be the freelancer who regularly updates our site... But now after working with her... I feel like I can call her a friend of ours."

Jeff Willner


"Michele was great to work with. Delivered a result that was exactly what I was looking for."

James Boston

Business Consultant

"Working with Michele turned around my website shame. My website was a nightmare.  I needed someone who could take control of my ideas and turn it into reality.  Michele immediately legitmized my website from just a random one-size fits all look. It also made me believe in it again. I'm not technical, and Michele never hesitated to jump in there and walk me through, or do it herself.  It saved me tons of time from learning from my own mistakes.  The best part was the video she created after she completed the website. I highly recommend working with Michele if cost, time, and reliability matter to you."

Maryann Reid

Founder of Alphanista

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